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We work with Big Data to revolutionize the healthcare system

The Quantitative Nurse lab, directed by Dr. Alvin D. Jeffery, focuses on using data of all sizes to make discoveries that improve healthcare systems and people's health. The lab has a special focus on data generated and used by nurses. If you'd like to collaborate, please contact us!

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The Need:

Although information is readily available to help nurses with clinical decision-making, it is not provided in a user-friendly way that considers their cognitive and physical workflows. Existing methods to (re-)design tools are slow, resource-intensive, and don't ensure optimal choices.

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Substance Use Disorder Phenotyping
SUD Phenotyping
The Need:

1 in 12 adults in the United States suffer from SUD. For many of these individuals and their families, the impact on their lives is devastating. There is hope that further examining the role one's genes play in early identification and personalized treatments could alleviate some of the toll of SUD. However, many organizations will need to contribute genetic data to adequately perform these studies, and there is currently no robust way to share information about who has an SUD and who doesn't.

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